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Nowadays, businesses interact with consumers on many domains. It is a widely accepted notion that consumer perception of a company's products or services significantly affects their purchase decision. 

Public relations offers the credibility that helps build brands to last. In fact, credibility and low cost are the key strengths of( Home ) public relations over advertising.

Whether you are in manufacturing or service industry, it is critical to have an appropriate public image as long as consumers matter to you the most. From building an appropriate corporate image to planning a product recall campaign, the PR specialists at VietPR are well-positioned to cater to a wide range of PR needs.

  • Campaign development and implementation

  • Issues management

  • Community programs

  • Crisis communications

Having excellent communication strategies alone is insufficient. VietPR believes strongly that success is based on a harmony between strategy building and Implementation skills. 

Success in promoting brands and corporate image depends on a large extent on an agency's ability to "speal the same language" as the media in Vietnam. VietPR's highly qualified staff have succeeded in establishing reliable media contacts across Vietnam who have played a significant role in helping us implement communication programs for our clients effectively and within allocated budgets.

  • Press release/press kits

  • Executive interviews

  • News stories placement

  • Media conferences and round tables

  • Executive interviews and features

  • News story placement


VietPR understand that information will help to yield a lot of profit for customers. And information collection or information filter consume a lot of time and energy, with Market & PR monitoring, VietPR is offering effective and experienced services of drawing out the full picture of Vietnam market for client specific needs. The services include:

  • Collect and filter what people talk about customer and customer products

  • Market monitoring  to get the overall market information

  • Spy into competitor's affairs to know what other player do and what their strategies are in the market.

The client requirements are adapted by monthly, weekly or even daily reports on the basis of scanning more than 70 publications & media in both Vietnamese and foreign languages.


At VietPR, we understand that carefully managed events are an integral part of the communication process. Every event is composed of various elements from stage design, lighting and sound, to the MC, executive speeches and the seating plan for VIPs, each of which not only has to be well-thought out but must also be sensitive to the subtleties of local protocol and culture. 

Furthermore, we consider events as opportunities to communicate clients' brands to their stakeholders.  Whether it is a dealer convention, company opening ceremony or a product launch, clients can rest assured that once they have entrusted an event to us, it will be professionally managed. For us, attention to details has become a discipline by which we live. Regardless of the amount of event management experience we have gained over the years, our staffs still meticulously check every planned item and develop contingency plans to ensure that success is achieved and clients' expectation exceeded:

  • Product launch

  • VIP visits

  • Dealer conference

  • Corporate functions

  • Seminars

When your advertising budget shrinks and you are still well short of the level of brand awareness you desire, brand promotion is a power tool which we can put at our clients disposal. We have the capacity and competence to design and carry out brand promotions highlighting the superior attributes of your brand, increase its appeal to the target customer group and induce trial:

  • Road shows

  • Brand-centered sponsorship

  • In-store product demonstration

  • Music & Cultural programs


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